RE: [css3-multicol] Balancing after a non-breaking element

[Scott Johnson:]
> Hello www-style:
> Robert O'Callahan and I have been discussing the case regarding balancing
> in a multi-column set after a column has an element that we aren't able to
> break, and is too large for one of its columns, such as an image. Consider
> the case I present at
> It is essentially a three-column set, with an image in the first column
> that is too large vertically to fit in the column, and then (about) two
> lines of text.
> The question I have for the list is whether or not these two lines of text
> should balance across the remaining columns, since column-fill:
> balance is specified. In most UAs that I have tested thus far (including
> Opera, Webkit-, and Gecko-based), it seems that the balancing is
> terminated, and we revert to column-fill: auto behavior after the large
> image overflows the bounds of the first column.

Same in IE10.

> If we look at another case,
> where the non-breakable element (the image) is in the middle frame, should
> the two columns to the left and right be balanced?
> Robert and I agree that columns in these cases should probably be
> balanced, but I wanted to get the opinion of the list members as well, as
> this might require changes to existing column code.
The first case being a bit contrived it doesn't seem bad but your second example
suggests that we should respect the author's explicit intent.

Received on Monday, 16 July 2012 18:07:04 UTC