RE: [css3-lists] Where can the counter() function be used?

[Simon Fraser:]
> We recently got a WebKit bug filed that the counter() function didn't work
> in animation-delay; the author was trying something like:
> animation-delay: counter() + "s";
> So the question is: where can counter() be used?
> shows it being used in the content:
> property, but is that the only place? Should the spec say what it's
> applicability is?
Since animation-delay accepts <time> values this would assume counter()
could produce such a value. Hence the ' + "s"' I guess but...where does
the ability to concatenate a string with + come from?
If calc() could cast the result to a user-specified type then I guess
you could conceivably do something like this. What's the use-case?

Received on Thursday, 5 July 2012 23:42:27 UTC