Re: [css3-lists] Where can the counter() function be used?

On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 10:36 AM, Simon Fraser <> wrote:
> We recently got a WebKit bug filed that the counter() function didn't work in animation-delay; the author was trying something like:
> animation-delay: counter() + "s";

That, of course, is complete nonsense.  counter() returns a string,
which isn't a valid value for animation-delay.  Plus, of course, we
have no string concatenation functions.

> So the question is: where can counter() be used? shows it being used in the content: property, but is that the only place? Should the spec say what it's applicability is?

It should be usable anywhere - it just returns a string based on the
value of a counter on that element.  2.1 limited it to 'content', but
there are more string-valued properties now and in the future where it
may potentially be useful.


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