[css3-flexbox] is 'wrap-reverse' confusing?

'flex-flow: wrap-reverse' or perhaps the the
'flex-direction'/'flex-wrap' split in general is a bit confusing to me.
Before I started to read the spec

A. I thought that 'flex-flow: row wrap-reverse' was

  A B C
  F E D
  G H I

, or the S shape (reverse the line when the line wraps). 'flex-flow: row
wrap-reverse' being a multi-line flex container stacking from below is
quite confusing and I am not sure it has use cases (this reminds me that
we don't have 'writing-mode: horizontal-bt')

'flex-flow: column wrap-reverse' on the other hand is quite understandable.

After learning the main/cross directional terms

B. I had the impression that 'flex-direction' misses the definition of

I later realized that they are defined in 'flex-wrap', which is a bit
weird since I would sort of expect the control of the direction for both
axis is on a single property.

I am aware that the 'cross' axis is almost only meaningful if the flex
container is multi-line, so I think this point is smaller than A.

I have several proposal proposals from changing the 'wrap-reverse'
keyword, reducing certain combinations or changing the whole syntax, but
I'll stop here for now because there's only 30 minutes left for the
telecoms and fantasai asked me to throw in all the substantive comments.


Received on Wednesday, 4 July 2012 15:34:52 UTC