Re: [css3-flexbox][css3-align] default alignment of a 'column wrap-reverse' flex container

On 07/03/2012 02:20 PM, Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu wrote:
> div {
>    display: flex;
>    width: 50%; /* definite */
>    flex-flow: column wrap-reverse;
> }
> ?
> I *think* it's weird in this case if the new flex line stacks up to the
> direction where there's no space (left), but if that's the intention I
> wouldn't say I couldn't live with it (honestly I don't know the use
> cases of 'column wrap-reverse' anyway).

CSS2.1 uses the 'direction' property of the containing block,
not that of the element, to determine the alignment of a
block-level box. Ignoring 'flex-flow' here would be consistent
with that.

So Tab and I propose to reject this change request.


Received on Wednesday, 4 July 2012 15:29:50 UTC