[css3-page] (Un)prefixing


css3-page in still in WD, so according to these it should be prefixed:


But what is there to prefix?

@page {} was already in CSS 2.1 and should not be prefixed.

I guess margin rules like @top-left {} should be prefixed, but no 
implementation that I know of does so. Are we (implementers) wrong on 
this one?

css3-page makes many more properties apply in @page (where CSS 2.1 only 
had margin properties). However these properties are defined elsewhere, 
most of them in stable specs. I think they should not be prefixed but 
this is only my opinion. I can not find anything to support this idea.

The module has two new properties: 'size' (in @page) an 'page' (on 
elements.) According to the links above these should be prefixed, but 
for these particular properties this seems particularly pointless: they 
both have a very simple syntax (compared eg. to gradients) and havenít 
changed for years.

In WeasyPrint I have the 'size' property prefixed as '-weasy-size'. 
Unless there are strong objections here I plan to un-prefix it in the 
next version. Likewise, 'page' is not implemented yet but when it is I 
plan not to prefix it.

PS: I tried to add the Transitions/Transforms/Animations exception[1] to 
the wiki[2]. I could register but apparently I donít have the privileges 
to edit the page.

[1] http://www.w3.org/blog/CSS/2012/06/06/resolutions-40/
[2] http://wiki.csswg.org/spec/vendor-prefixes#specific-cases

More generally, some emails in this list hinted that none of the 
published documents are quite up-to-date regarding the current WG 
consensus about prefixing. As a non-member implementer Iím a bit in the 
dark here.

Simon Sapin

Received on Tuesday, 3 July 2012 15:26:20 UTC