Re: [css3-flexbox] Painting order

On 02/07/2012 22:15, Anton Prowse wrote:

> Bear in mind that CSS21 Appendix E defines tree order as being a
> traversal of the *rendering* tree [spec's emphasis] "after taking into
> account properties that move boxes around".  (With an exception for
> BIDI.)  So actually I think that visual order is already specified
> here... not that it's clear which properties (if any) in CSS21 count as
> "moving boxes around", or whether that includes the table-*-group magic.

Actually, I take that back; I think it's talking about the box tree 
after doing stuff like box fix-up and (in the past) run-in, not about 
gratuitous visual reordering.

So since painting in visual order for flex items is a departure from 
Appendix E, it would be necessary to add a bolt-on to Appendix E in 
css3-flexbox, saying something like:

   | For the purposes of applying the painting algorithm specified in
   | CSS21 Appendix E, the 'order' property applied to flex items is
   | regarded as moving boxes in the rendering tree.

Anton Prowse

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