Re: Pretty Printer for SAC Parser

Le 01/07/2012 22:57, Dominic Chambers a ťcrit :
> I wonder if anyone can help. I need a streaming CSS parser for Java that
> is capable of performing an identity transform on any valid CSS document
> -- a canonical identity transform is fine.


What are you trying to do?

I was not satisfied with SAC so I made tinycss[1]. Itís not Java, but it 
should run on Jython (though I havenít tried). Itís not streaming, but 
it shouldnít be too hard to keep the tokenizer, rip the parser apart, 
and keep the parts youíre interested in.


But again, it all depends on what you really want to do and under what 

tinycss is only missing small parts to be usable for eg. a minifier. I 
will add these eventually but havenít bothered yet because nobody asked 
for it.

Simon Sapin

Received on Monday, 2 July 2012 15:11:05 UTC