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Re: [css3-transforms] Extending CSSOM interface

From: Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 13:56:06 -0500
Message-ID: <4F3D5146.7090606@mit.edu>
To: www-style@w3.org
On 2/16/12 1:52 PM, Glenn Adams wrote:
> The current thinking of the CSSOM editors is that the specification of
> getPropertyCSSValue() and the CSS*Value types should be segregated from
> the current draft and placed into a separate module/spec, e.g., "CSSOM
> Values". It would be useful to hear opinions on this idea.

If we want to get CSSOM to anything like CR in finite time, this is an 
awesome idea.

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