Re: Pseudo-element proposal

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Brian Kardell <> wrote:
> This is masquerading in the native space as if it were native, so if
> it ever were implemented there might well be API differences.  Why
> shouldn't there be a single simple logic that applies in all cases?
> Again, maybe I am alone in that, but it seems weird that proof of
> concept requires no prefix, but then browsers do and then later it
> doesn't.  Those seem like three different potential phases that
> shouldn't interfere - as long as they don't use a -moz- prefix or
> something there is no danger that they could interfere (or conflict)
> with a browser implementation, but native they could.

Oh, sorry, I completely missed that you were talking about the JS
shim, not the actual spec.  Carry on.


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