Re: [css3-gcpm] Named strings: place of assignment

I wrote:

 >  > Based on the above considerations, the tentative suggestion would be
 >  > that the assignment is considered to occur in exactly one place for an
 >  > element, namely at the start of that element, and based on content box;
 >  > or the location of the placeholder in the case of out-of-flow elements
 >  > (including display:none, assuming the currently specified behaviour of
 >  > string-set continuing to apply despite display:none).
 >  > 
 >  > The behaviour for bidi would be based on logical (i.e. in-source-document)
 >  > order, which happens to be a conceptual match for the choice of placing
 >  > out-of-flow things according to their placeholder (source location)
 >  > rather than visual position.
 > I'll try to formulate this into spec-language along with the other
 > changes due to your messages on this topic.

Here's my proposed text, which is now in the editor's draft [1]:

  The assignment is considered to take place on the first page where a
  content box representing the element occurs. If the element does not
  have any content boxes (e.g., if 'display: none' is set), the
  assignment is considered to take place on the page where the first
  content box would have occured if the element had been in the normal


This may not represent your suggested priciples fully, but I don't
think it makes any practical difference?


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