Re: [css-shaders] subdivision for transparency

From:  Chris Marrin <>
Date:  Thu, 6 Oct 2011 10:14:27 -0700
To:  Gregg Tavares <>
Cc:  "" <>, Dean Jackson
<>, James Robinson <>, www-style list
Subject:  Re: [css-shaders] subdivision for transparency

>>So it seems like for this proposal to be generally useful that content
>>needs to able to be interactive (ie, the user needs to able to click on
>>stuff just like they can with 3d css). Otherwise the number of use cases
>>for it seems exceedingly small.
>I'm not sure Adobe even has this ability. I certainly don't see them
>using it in these demos.

>> [vh] That is correct, we donšt have picking implemented (yet ;-).


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