Re: [css3-lists] Should some properties not inherit into markers?

Tab Atkins Jr.:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 2:04 AM, Christoph Päper
>> Tab Atkins Jr.:
>>> I think it's reasonable to block text-transform.  It converts between glyphs,
>> ‘font-variant’ changes glyphs, too. Some values of ‘text-transform’ change characters (but keep letters intact).
> font-variant changes glyphs, but only to stylistic variants.

Smallcaps, although being lowercase letters, are hard to differentiate from small capitals, i.e. uppercase letters, when there’s little or no context.

> On the other hand, in bicameral scripts, the case of a marker is often important.

Actually not all that often if used correctly, because we’re talking about styles here that can always fall back to decimals.

>> 1. Predefined counter values with any of the prefixes ‘upper-’, ‘lower-’
>>    or ‘fullwidth-’ are not affected by the ‘text-transform’ property.
>> 2. There is a predefined counter value without any of these prefixes.
>>    It usually is a near-alias of the ‘lower-’ variant. The only
>>    difference is that it is affected by the ‘text-transform’ property.
>> 3. The ‘@counter-style’ at-rule either gets another descriptor to
>>    facilitate the case protection described above or … ‘letter’ …
> #1 seems too magical to me.

It would just use #3. I never intended the magic to be in the prefixes per se.

> I don't believe there's a significant problem to address that needs #2, #3, or #4.

#2 should have been the default since ‘::marker’ returned, although ‘counter()’ should have three parameters then.

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