Re: [css3-*] [css3-box] Box Tree terminology for CSS3 specs

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 9:31 AM, fantasai <>wrote:

> element
>  An element in the document tree or a pseudo-element. Elements have
> properties
>  associated with them. An element generates zero or more boxes, but
> typically
>  only one. Of the boxes generated, one of them is the principal box.
> box
>  A box in the box tree. Boxes also have properties associated with them.
> box fragment
>  A piece of a box that has been broken across line/page/column/etc breaks.

FWIW this is inconsistent with CSS 2.1 at least, which includes text like
"When an inline box exceeds the width of a line box, it is split into
several boxes and these boxes are distributed across several line boxes."
Of course we can update all specs, but it might be simpler to keep using
"box" instead of "box fragment". I'm not even sure what your definition of
"box" refers to. It seems unintuitive to have "box" mean something that can
have several different rectangles with different shapes broken across pages

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