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> Mongolia, city of Precious (Эрдэнэт)
> Hello.
> In the predefined styles, I would like, as the director of (, a Mongolian web site creation business, to make you aware of 2 systems commonly used in Mongolia:
> one is just alphabetical, using the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet, differing from the full Russian one by 2 extra letters: "ө" and "ү":
> 'а' 'б' 'в' 'г' 'д' 'е' 'ё' 'ж' 'з' 'и' 'й' 'к' 'л' 'м' 'н' 'о' 'ө' 'п' 'р' 'с' 'т' 'у' 'ү' 'ф' 'х' 'ц' 'ч' 'ш' 'щ' 'ъ' 'ы' 'ь' 'э' 'ю' 'я'
> A variant is to use capital letters.

This is used for actual lists or page numbers or similar, right?  I
have to be careful with alphabetic systems, as sometimes they're only
used for dictionaries or similar, and not for actual lists.

Could you provide the uppercase variant as well?

> Another system, specially used in law, is to use the numbers written in full letters. The algorithm is a bit more complex:

In general, I'm avoiding written-out numbers.  They're typically full
of language-specific exceptions and rules which can't be easily
expressed using the simple list algorithms I've settled on.  One can
either define them oneself with a non-repeating style that explicitly
spells out the numbers for however many values you need, or, since
this is commonly used in law where the markers are part of the
content, write the markers directly into your content and use
"position:marker" to position them like a marker.

> In French, specially in codes of law, it is common to number the first item "Ier" (meaning "premier"="first", an ordinal number), and then to use cardinal Roman numbers: Ier, II, III, IV etc.
> See for instance
> A variant is to write "premier" in full letters, and the other numbers in Roman: premier, II, III, IV etc.
> See for instance the chapters numeration there:

These can be very easily done by the author with a fallback style, as
Daniel mentioned, like:

@counter-style french-ordinal {
  type: non-repeating;
  range: 1 1;
  glyphs: "Ier";
  fallback: upper-roman;


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