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> In French, specially in codes of law, it is common to number the first item "Ier" (meaning "premier"="first", an ordinal number), and then to use cardinal Roman numbers: Ier, II, III, IV etc.
> See for instance
> A variant is to write "premier" in full letters, and the other numbers in Roman: premier, II, III, IV etc.
> See for instance the chapters numeration there:
> Some French also have the habit to write, like the Mongolian parliament do, the full ordinal numbers in letters. This use to be the rule for printed books chapters. See for instance the books numeration (vertically, on the left) there:
> I can describe the French ordinal numeration if needed, but I think it is much easier to find that the Mongolian one.
> I guess there are quite many other cultures where quite many lists are numbered by numbers written in letters.

This is something we alreeady discussed long, really long ago.
Unfortunately, in most cases, it will require not only a notion of
grammatical gender for the list items but more than that:

   Chapitre premier
   Chapitre second
   Chapitre troisième


   Première ode
   Seconde ode
   Troisième ode

Very, very complex. And french is a rather easy case here...

The "Ier, II, III, IV" case is IMO fully covered by the @counter-style
proposal using an override algorithm based on lower-roman, with a range
starting at 2, and an override for the 1 case.


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