Re: a recall for a missing combinator

On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 12:32 AM, Niels Matthijs
<> wrote:
>> @scope article.product {
>>   @stop article;
>>   header { ... }
>> }
> As long as you do @stop article, section; this might work. For something I'd
> be using a lot, it's still a pretty complex syntax though :)

Unfortunately, you can't get around that - you're asking for something
relatively complex.  If it was based purely on nesting, the earlier
suggestion of a combinator would work, but it's not - the lower
<header> is not nested inside the upper <header>.  You're wanting to
apply rules, but prevent them from falling too deeply down the tree.
To do that, you need to identify both the "start" and the "end", so
your rules can apply solely within the "donut" that you've defined.


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