RE: [css3-images] closest side radial gradients

>>div {
>>   width: 100px;
>>   height: 200px;
>>   radial-gradient(10px 10px, brad-modified-closest-side, red, blue);
>> Do you exclude both the top and the left from "consideration" since you've moved toward both?
> Correct.

So in this scenario you want “brad-modified-closest-side” to mean “third-farthest-side-of-the-four-choices”?

I’m baffled that you think that’s a good idea.  And I completely disagree with moving in that direction.

Yes, there are degenerate cases for positioning and closest/farthest.  We shouldn't be weakening or removing features because there are edge cases that are non-valuable.  If you take that to its logical conclusion we should remove the 'width' property from CSS.

Received on Thursday, 3 November 2011 21:06:37 UTC