Re: [css3-speech] fwd comments from Robert Brown

On 24 Oct 2011, at 22:36, Robert Brown wrote:
> I'm having a hard time seeing any commonality between this effort and the HTML Speech XG effort. Maybe there just isn't any scenario overlap?

Hi Robert, 
as I understand it, the HTML Speech XG's goal is to define low-level APIs / protocols and markup extensions for both speech recognition and speech synthesis. The latter would allow content authors to make use of - in a standardised fashion - the TTS engine(s) that lurk behind web browsers (side note: see this email [1] about the Google Chrome TTS extension).

Both working groups are aware of each other's work, and ultimately we have to make sure that the outcome (in terms of technical specifications) constitutes a well-balanced ecosystem for web authors that want to integrate speech into their content. I noticed that in both efforts SSML is an authoritative reference (at least for some of the features), so evidently there is a lot of common ground. CSS is much higher-level so it'll be interesting to see how the two approaches co-exists in the future (implementation- and content- wise).

Regards, Daniel


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