[css3-lists] greek anomaly

In the 2011-08-04 ED, there's a mismatch between the glyph strings and
the comment following it for weights 5 down to 1, and it looks like the
comment's the correct one: presumably 1-5 should be α-ε (\3B1-\x3B5) as
the comment says rather than ΰ,α,...,δ (\3B0-\x3B4) as written in the
additive-glyphs entry.

(Incidentally, it would be nice if the glyph comment for hebrew included
 the glyphs for 15..19: these are fairly pertinent values, particularly
 15 & 16; and a minor benefit of adding all five of them is that it
 simplifies the task of anyone else who tries to parse the spec text and
 includes a check that each (additive-)glyphs entry matches the comment.

 The missing glyph strings if you do want to add them
 are:‭   19 'יט', 18 'יח', 17 'יז', 16 'טז', 15 'טו',   ‬.)


Received on Thursday, 3 November 2011 06:43:57 UTC