Re: [css3-speech] reading list-style markers

On 06/14/2011 06:17 AM, Daniel Weck wrote:
> Thanks Fantasai!
> How does that sound?
> <p class="note">Note that it is common for user-agents such as screen readers to announce the nesting depth of list items, or
> more generally, to indicate additional structural information pertaining to complex hierarchical content. The verbosity of
> these additional audio cues and/or speech output can usually be controlled by users, and contribute to increasing usability.
> These navigation aids are implementation-dependent, but it is recommended that user-agents supporting the CSS Speech module
> ensure that these additional audio cues and speech output don't generate redundancies or create inconsistencies (for example:
> duplicated or different list item numbering scheme). </p>

Excellent! Works for me. :)


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