Re: Printing and background colors/images

2011/2/22 Ian Fette (イアンフェッティ) <>:
> Summary: Want authors to be able to specify whether backgrounds should be
> printed.
> 3. Add an explicit new property, like print-background. Pros: Explicit,
> wouldn't cause unexpected behaviour by starting to print a bunch of
> backgrounds that users didn't intend to print. Also relatively
> straight-forward implementation wise. Easy to understand. Cons: This
> property would be meaningless outside of a print media context, so
> semantically it feels a bit odd.

It seemed like this was the most popular option in the WG.  One of our
devs (Luke Macpherson) has a patch ready to try this out now (it's
really simple, obviously), so it would be cool if we could try to put
this into a spec somewhere.  There are two problems.

The first is that I have no idea where this should go.  It's not
actually "paged media" specific, it's *print* specific, so it doesn't
seem appropriate for this to go into Page or GCPM.

The second is that I'm not sure what to call it or its values.  The
patch Luke's prepared uses "print-background: visible | hidden"
(prefixed, of course).  Do we need to improve the property or value


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