[css3-background] 'background: url(foo) white' and 'background: url(foo), white'


I am not clear about the last statement in section 3.10 "The 'background' shorthand property", which says:

Note that 'background: url(foo) white' and 'background: url(foo), white' have the same effect.

Does that mean comma can be used between any of the individual properties and have the same effect as without it? If so, 

background: repeat-x, url("support/green15x15.png"), red, padding-box;

is equivalent to:

background: repeat-x url("support/green15x15.png") red padding-box;

Is that correct? I would appreciate if this can be confirmed and explained in more details.


Received on Friday, 21 January 2011 15:40:33 UTC