Re: 'animation' and 'transition' ambiguity?

At 3:14 PM -0800 1/20/11, L. David Baron wrote:

>There are plenty of cases where the prose expresses additional
>restrictions over the syntax in the property's header.

    I suppose, but I keep coming back to 'font', which defines a 
certain placement for the things it requires and the order in which 
they are required.  It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do 
it here as well.  Perhaps to require that they appear together.  For 

    <'transition-timing-function'> || <'transition-property'> ||
    [ <'transition-duration'> <'transition-delay'>? ]

Right?  Similar for 'animation', only with two more sets of angle 
brackets.  That seems like it should have the desired effect.  It's 
pretty much the proposed version using a slash to separate them, 
except without the slash.  That seems to me to clarify the intent and 
not require magic prose.

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