Re: [css3-media-queries] More granular conditional logic

On 2/2/11 6:01 PM, Antony Kennedy wrote:
> But what if I want to target browsers that still support the screen media type, but do *not* support -webkit-transform-3d?

Then you discover that making a media query out of -webkit-transform-3d 
is not a good way to make it detectable?  ;)

> I appreciate we want to keep the syntax simple, but conditional logic ought to be intelligent enough to handle these kinds of statements.

To be able to handle these kinds of statements you need to define a 
syntax that:

1)  Can be parsed without knowing anything about this thing you don't 

2)  Is guaranteed to be a boolean support check.

Again, it's not clear to me that trying to shoehorn support checks into 
media queries is the right thing.


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