[css3-images] List of changes since 12Jul2011 WD

In preparation for requesting a WD publication at the call this
Wednesday, here is a list of the non-editorial changes since the last

* marked several properties/values as at-risk
* image() can no longer adjust the resolution of images (kicked to level 4)
* removed the cross-fade() function (kicked to level 4)
* made element() more explicit in how it treats several types of elements
* changed linear gradients to use "to <side-or-corner>" for the
keyword arguments
* changed corner keywords to be "magic" (see Behnam's message)
* made "degenerate shapes" in radial-gradient() render in a way that's
more continuous
* made several types of degenerate repeating gradients render in a way
that's more continuous
* added the "snap" keyword to image-resolution
* removed the 'image-rendering' property (kicked to level 4)


Received on Monday, 22 August 2011 20:59:47 UTC