RE: [css3-gcpm] Printing backgrounds (thread reboot)

Andrew Fedoniouk:
> +1 and yet ...
> Wearing one of my hats: art of management is just a talent
> of creation systems of motivations for your subordinates.
> (do not remember where I read this statement)
> I mean that if UAs were strict enough in this subject and show
> "Invalid document" instead of making attempts of rendering it we
> would live with better content.

The world wasn't ready for that when HTML "woke up".  It's arguably still having issues working with it for XML.

> Or at least some sort of "shame on you" watermark, huh?

Sure, that makes the website look "dumb" but how does that help the user get a reasonable and useful print result?

> In the same way as browsers visualize broken certificate now.
> Authors would be motivated to produce something reliable...
> Too extreme?

Much of the web still flags bad or expired certificates; shame hasn't been enough of a motivator.  People often just complain about the messenger/informer ("Why are you asking me questions?  Just render!") because web site authoring perfection isn't the user's priority much (most?) of the time. 

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