RE: [css3-images] new side-or-corner keywords?

[Tab Atkins:]
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 7:48 PM, Brian Manthos <>
> wrote:
> >

> >
> > I’ve never heard of start, end, before, or after used with linear
> > gradients until now.  Nor do I have any clue what they are supposed to
> mean.
> >
> > Did I oversleep a month or something?
> >
> > Why are we adding arbitrary new capabilities now?  I thought we had an
> > ED that we could move forward yesterday; now I have no idea.
> Simon Fraser suggested it, others gave good use-cases.

Then, can we hear more about them ? As Brian is pointing out and following discussions 
here and face-to-face, we are trying to converge on a stable specification. We split the
spec across two levels for that exact purpose. You were talking about moving to LC not a 
week ago but here we are adding an extra layer of lipstick on the pig.

If these are important use-cases then I have no confidence that we are anywhere close to
LC. If they're not then why can't they wait for Level 4 ? Is there evidence that those authors
who use the prefixed implementations are in pain without this ?

> I'm not sure how the keywords are confusing, personally.  They're logical
> directions.  They work identically to the physical directions.
> I'd be fine with moving them to level 4, though, so we don't churn any
> more than necessary on the functions for this level.

Introducing start/end/before/after would also be unnecessary churn, wouldn't it ? 

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