Re: [css3-regions] Comments on Editor's Draft

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(Discussion about the anonymous block wrapper).

I'm still not sure that I understand the need for it though.

<div id="region-1" style="content:flow-from(foo)"></div>
<div id="region-2" style="content:flow-from(foo)"></div>
<span style="flow:foo">I flow into multiple regions</span>

Here, the inline content flows into both regions, just as if the mark-up
had been:

<div id="region-1""><span>I flow into </span></div>
<div id="region-2"><span>multiple regions</span></div>

The container forming the region already takes responsibility for
generating anonymous block boxes if necessary, since anything that can
be achieved using CSS Regions could also be achieved using different
mark-up (such as above) so any awkward case (eg loose inline content
sitting inside tables) should already have well-defined behaviour in CSS
(eg table fix-up algorithm).

I didn't understand your reference to margin and padding, but the issue
of margin collapsing is an interesting one.  Do we need regions to
necessarily establish a block formatting context?  I would suggest not,
and that margins coming from a named flow should potentially collapse
(under normal CSS21 rules) with the region's own margins (just as if the
contents of the flow were the actual contents of the region element).
Again, I don't see how the anonymous block helps here.

>> [VH] I need to scratch my head about this a little more.

>>>> [VH] I talked with the co-editor (Alex Mogilevsky) and our
>>>>implementation team and decided you are correct, we do not need that
>>>>in the spec. I will remove it from the spec.

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