Re: [css3-regions] Comments on Editor's Draft

Hi Anton,

From: Anton Prowse <<>>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 10:34:52 -0700
To: "<>" <<>>
Cc: Adobe Systems <<>>, Alex Mogilevsky <<>>
Subject: Re: [css3-regions] Comments on Editor's Draft

# Regions [...] inherit the floats
# that are already defined by the parent context.

I don't understand what that means, and the following Example
didn't help!

For the floats, it may be suprefluous to specify that the floats
impact the content of the regions like they would for regular other
region siblings.

[...]  I think you should just drop the second
clause, since it really is superfluous (and to me it raises doubts
rather than allays them).  If CSS21 or whichever float spec supercedes
it fails to adequately explain when a float impacts content that would
be flowed next to it (and CSS21 does indeed try to define "next to"
quite carefully) then that should be fixed in those relevant specs.

We felt that there was a need to explain, as in the example above,
that the floats affect flow content that has been positioned in region
but do not affect flow content before it is positioned. I guess that
may be an overkill because it is pretty obvious since the flow is not
visually formatted before it is laid out in regions. Still, I would
propose having something on that topic (see below).

Ah ok.  I must admit that that possible interpretation didn't even cross
my mind.  (It doesn't make much sense, as you say!)

If we must say something in this spec, then I'd definitely prefer going
with the word "impacts" rather than "inherits".

What about:

"Regions create a new stacking context. Floats or other exclusions (reference to the CSS Floats/Exclusions spec) impact the content laid out in regions."

I tend to be a little over-fussy with these things, but how about
something like:

"Regions create a new stacking context. Floats or other exclusions
(reference to the CSS Floats/Exclusions spec) potentially impact the
content laid out in regions, just as for non-regions."

(The point we're trying to make is that regions are not special with
respect to floats.)

Future float specs should be careful to talk about "flows" flowing "next
to" floats, to reinforce what we want.

>> [VH] ok, your proposed wording sounds good. I'll add it.


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