Re: [css3-speech] voice-pitch and voice-pitch-range computed values

On 19 Jul 2011, at 01:11, fantasai wrote:
> So it occurs to me that the offsets, because they're computed differently
> at different base values, can't be represented just as a tuple. You'd
> have to represent them as a list, because
>  medium + 2st + 200Hz + 2st != medium + 4st + 200Hz

Yes, I noticed that as soon as you helped me to properly formulate the "computed" CSS value for pitch properties.

> This seems excessively complicated,

I wasn't sure about that (I have never implemented a CSS processor), but I am glad to hear your thoughts on this.

> so I'm wondering if maybe we should have the computed value be either
>  * a keyword if only the keyword is specified by itself, otherwise
>  * a fixed frequency calculated by converting the keyword value (if any)
>    to a frequency based on the voice-family and applying any other
>    additions and subtractions

I think this is a reasonable solution.

> This means that if you're using anything other than a bare keyword,
> the frequency will inherit absolutely through a voice change, but
> if you're only using a keyword, the frequency will recalculate on
> a voice change.
> Would that be sufficient?

I have revised the prose and the examples to reflect this calculation rule.

Many thanks !!

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