Re: [css3-speech] voice-family

On 1 Aug 2011, at 19:20, fantasai wrote:
>> ---
>> Possible values are 'child', 'young' and 'old', indicating the preferred
>> age category to match during voice selection. The mapping with SSML ages
>> is defined as follows: 'child' = up to 15 y/o, 'young' = between 16 and
>> 45 y/o, 'old' = 46 y/o onwards.
>> NOTE: The interpretation of the relationship between a person's age and
>> a recognizable type of voice cannot realistically be defined in a universal
>> manner, as it effectively depends on numerous cultural and linguistic
>> variations. The values provided by this specification therefore represent
>> a simplified model that can be reasonably applied to a great variety of
>> speech locales, albeit at the cost of a certain degree of approximation.
>> Future versions of this specification may refine the level of precision
>> of the voice-matching algorithm, as speech processor implementations
>> become more standardized.
>> ---
> How about just mapping the keywords to specific numbers, and letting the
> voice-matching algorithm figure out the slack?
>  'child' = 6 years old
>  'young' = 24 years old
>  'old'   = 75 years old
> or somesuch

I see.
I think that the informative note (pleonasm, I know :) is useful, do you have any comments on the formulation?
Thanks, Dan

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