Re: a new proposal for grid layout, derived from MSFT's

Le 17/11/10 18:29, Alex Mogilevsky a écrit :
> I love this idea. It is a very simple addition, and it makes a lot of common scenarios much more manageable.
> I think for named lines to really integrate well, line names should be interchangeable with line indices. 'grid-position' property as proposed here does that. But 'grid-column-span'/'grid-row-span' wouldn't readily take a name. It can be fixed by having separate properties for start/end grid lines (like 'grid-column-start'/'grid-column-end'... or even 'grid-x-start'/'grid-x-end' ?)

I have the feeling that indices should be dropped in
favor of named lines. I don't really like the idea
of spanning in a grid layout. A grid should define
position of blocks and spanning is really a concept
that belongs to tables and should not be there.

On another note, what about adding me as an editor of the
document? I'm willing to contribute.


Received on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 17:42:44 UTC