RE: [css3-box] [css3-layout] styling of form elements

Charles Belov wrote on Tuesday, November 09, 2010 1:30 PM
> This post is to check on planned abilities for styling form 
> elements and to suggest some if they have not been previously 
> suggested.  The use case is for people with physical or 
> conceptual disabilities or on small-screen devices who have 
> trouble with drop-down menus or small multi-select windows, 
> to be able to override certain choices of a website for form fields.
> The proposed styles would cover the following features:
> - Render each element in a selection menu as a list of radio buttons.
> - Render each element in a multi-select menu as a list of check boxes.
> Obviously, there would likely be other changes to the page 
> layout needed in a user style sheet that did this, but this 
> would be a way to make certain form elements more accessible.

Redirecting to css3-box and css3-layout.

It appears I need to propose additional items for the display property:

would display the select options as a drop-down menu (single select

would display the select options in a box in which the end-user clicks
on a item to select it, or, in the case of a multi-select, could
shift-click or control/command-click to select additional items.

would display each select option as a separate radio button item (for
single select) or checkbox (for multi-select).

Hope this helps,
Charles Belov
SFMTA Webmaster 

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