Re: [CSS3] styling of form elements

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 1:29 PM, Belov, Charles <> wrote:
> This post is to check on planned abilities for styling form elements and
> to suggest some if they have not been previously suggested.  The use
> case is for people with physical or conceptual disabilities or on
> small-screen devices who have trouble with drop-down menus or small
> multi-select windows, to be able to override certain choices of a
> website for form fields.
> The proposed styles would cover the following features:
> - Render each element in a selection menu as a list of radio buttons.
> - Render each element in a multi-select menu as a list of check boxes.
> Obviously, there would likely be other changes to the page layout needed
> in a user style sheet that did this, but this would be a way to make
> certain form elements more accessible.
> Sorry about the lack of specificity in the subject.  I tried to find a
> CSS3 spec responsible for forms but couldn't.

(Sorry for not replying to this earlier - I think I accidentally
archived it, because the post below is exactly what I had intended to
send originally.)

The spec in question is the UI module.  It doesn't go into great depth
about styling form elements in its current level, but Tantek is
working on Level 4 as part of his work at Mozilla, which should expose
the guts of form elements more explicitly for styling.


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