Re: About CSS3 selectors

Le 27/05/10 19:26, Ivan Enderlin @ Hoa a Ă©crit :

> :any() is an experimental pseudo-class, but we have the same problem
> with some vendors pseudo-element, like ::-moz-tree-row for example. You
> could write:
> ::-moz-tree-row(readonly, unread)

Right. But these are ultra-specific to Moz so it's up to nsCSSParser
to support it. And no browser vendor ever requested to extend
|expression| to comas before...

> Here, we see the need of many expressions.
> But of course, expressions are selectors with the pseudo-class :any().
> But :any() can be see as a macro and not a CSS function… It's another
> fact :-).

Not, it's a functional notation. And yes we probably need commas.

> By the way. Is a new CSS selector specification on the way?

Not for the time being, we have many other things on the radar before


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