Re: About CSS3 selectors

Le 27/05/10 17:48, Daniel Glazman a écrit :
> Le 27/05/10 17:32, Øyvind Stenhaug a écrit :
>>> Seems like a bug. :any() would require a comma-separated list of stuff
>>> in here (and the "stuff" wouldn't be "expression" either; it would be
>>> a "simple_selector_sequence" or so).
>> But that's not part of Selectors level 3. The core syntax
>> ( seems generic enough.
> It's because before :any(), we just had never a use case for this.
> It's too late for CSS 3 Selectors but that's something we should discuss
> for next iteration.
:any() is an experimental pseudo-class, but we have the same problem 
with some vendors pseudo-element, like ::-moz-tree-row for example. You 
could write:

    ::-moz-tree-row(readonly, unread)

Here, we see the need of many expressions.

But of course, expressions are selectors with the pseudo-class :any(). 
But :any() can be see as a macro and not a CSS function… It's another 
fact :-).

By the way. Is a new CSS selector specification on the way?

Best regards.

Ivan Enderlin
Developer of Hoa Framework

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