Re: [css3-fonts] proposal for 'font-size-adjust: auto'

David Baron wrote:

> 'auto'
>    Behaves just like <number>, except the number to use is the
>    aspect value of the first font in the initial value of the
>    'font-family' property.  Instead of the first font, user agents
>    may use a different font in that list (the initial value of
>    'font-family') based on what character ranges the fonts in the
>    list provide and the language of the document or content.

By "initial value" you mean the user-agent defined default font?  If so,
that's often not a single font but a set of fonts depending on language
and/or character value.  How does the user agent choose that single value?


Received on Friday, 19 March 2010 07:40:49 UTC