Re: [CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2010-03-10

I'd like to see a better reason that "the name threw me off" before considering renaming animation-fill-mode. The term is has been used in SMIL and SVG animation since < 2000, Microsoft's WPF since (approximately) Vista, Core Animation since OS X 10.5, and probably many other places as well.

I think people familiar with animation will understand the meaning.


On 12/03/2010, at 7:13 AM, fantasai wrote:

>  - Reviewed Simon's animation-fill-rule proposal:
>    The property name is confusing, but the proposal seems otherwise
>    good, and will be added to the Animations draft with a note about
>    possible renaming.


> Animations fill modes follow-up
> -------------------------------


>  Steve: If I understand the meaning, it is extending the animation. Why
>         is it called fill-mode and not something related to duration?
>  Simon: You might have an animation that repeats 3 times of 1 second each.
>  Simon: Fill-mode doesn't say what the duration is, it says how you finish (?)
>  Steve: I'm just concerned about fill having a completely different meaning
>         in the rest of CSS and SVG
>  Simon: That's a fair comment, we cna try to think of alternate names
>  dbaron: I think I had a similar confusion when I first read the spec.
>  dbaron: I thought it had something to do with repetition
>  <ChrisL> yes, SVG has to distinguish 2 attrs (on different elements) both
>           called fill. fill is an awful name for the extended duration.
>  dbaron: Maybe the spec text could explain it better?
>  Sylvain: Basically it persiststs the DOM in the state of its last keyframe,
>           right?
>  Simon: Yes
>  Sylvain: Yeah, the naming threw me off too
>  Chris: SVG would love a better name
>  Simon: suggestions?
>  animation-finish-mode?
>  animation-persist
>  <ChrisL> endmode
>  <ChrisL> persistence
>  Simon: It also has a backwards-extend ability
>  ... [missed explanation] ...
>  <Simon> fill-mode: backwards will cause the first keyframe to be applied
>          when animation-delay is non-zero
>  Daniel: We seem to agree on the revised proposal, so let's add that to the
>          spec and leave the research for a better name in the background
>  fantasai: could add an issue not to the spec
>  Steve: I think if you follow dbaron's suggestion to improve the text, you
>         might find the name falls out of that process
>  Steve: It does sound like a duration envelope
>  <ChrisL>
>  Steve: Some examples with the delays, etc. would help
>  Daniel: Anything else on this topic?

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