Haptics CSS extension proposal

Hi everyone,

We have been researching tactile feedback (haptics) support for touch based web user interfaces, and we would like to propose the results of the research to be elaborated as web standards.

Tactile feedback is based on the sense of touch, for example vibrating the screen or giving a more realistic sense of a physical object when the user touches the UI.  As the physical feel of an element can be considered a part of its style, we're proposing to extend CSS to allow assigning the tactile feedback style to web elements. According to our studies the most convenient and natural way to specify haptic feedback is CSS. We also considered implementing haptics for web using WAI-ARIA but came to the conclusion that haptics is not (just) an accessibility feature although it can be used for improving accessibility as well.

So please check out our initial draft here:  

and let us know if the members of the WG (or the CSS Community at large) are interested in contributing to the evolution of the spec.

Any comments would be most welcome and we'll be happy to answer all questions!

Best regards,
Kim Grönholm,

Received on Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:49:09 UTC