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RE: Haptics CSS extension proposal

From: <kim.1.gronholm@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 08:54:49 +0200
To: <mikko.rantalainen@peda.net>, <www-style@w3.org>
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>Subject: Re: Haptics CSS extension proposal
>This should be more generic styling than just haptic tap feedback. As
>such it should be reflected in property and value names.
>I'd suggest following:
>Remove haptic-tap-type and haptic-tap-strength
>Rationale: haptic-tap-strength should not be used because there's no way
>to know suitable value for any effect (there's no standard baseline).
>The only sensible values are 'nothing' and 'something'. If haptic-tap-
>strength is dropped, then haptic-tap-type is basically identical to
>shortcut and shortcut is all that's needed for now.

I think the strength property is useful for defining the relative strengths between elements. The strength property is not for setting an absolute strength since it's hard to measure and depends on the user agent, system settings, what technology is used for providing the actual feedback etc. Instead, the user agent should (when possible) implement the strength so that 'weak' is noticeably weaker than 'medium' and 'strong' is noticeably stronger than medium.

>Rename 'haptic-tap' to 'force-feedback' or 'touch-feel' or 'tactile-
>Rationale: As I see it, the style should describe how the object feels
>to touch or what kind of feedback force the object gives for a push or
>press. The name should reflect this.
>New proposal:
>The 'touch-feel' property:
>Name: touch-feel
>Value: static | button | disabled-button | release-button | lock-button
>| link | activate | deactivate
>Initial: static
>Applies to: block-level and inline-level elements
>Inherited: Yes
>Media: Tactile

I think the names you suggest for the property and the values are definitely not bad. Let's discuss the naming more closely if the proposal is otherwise approved.

>Minor nitpicking (for the latest version at 2010-06-14):
>- The first "Nokia" link contains href to http://www.apple.com/
>- "2  The 'haptic tap' Property" title is missing 'type'

Thanks! These are fixed now.

Kim Grönholm

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