Re: CSS2.1 Test Suite Beta 1

On 06/15/2010 05:44 PM, John Daggett wrote:
>>> The linked page includes this text:
>>>> Note that many of the tests require the Ahem font to be installed.
>>>> Without the Ahem font installed, these tests are of no value.
>>> As I noted back in January, this is inaccurate, the font chapter tests
>>> require a whole set of fonts:
>> I uploaded your fonts onto the W3C website:
>> If you can write a more comprehensive test file for the installation,
>> that checks for all the installed fonts, that would be helpful. I
>> think I'll write a test file for Ahem as well, since I think this was
>> a good idea. ;)
>> I do need to update the index file to mention these other fonts, though.
>> I'll go do that.
> The MS tests use a whole set of Ahem_xxx.TTF fonts for the fonts
> chapter, that's what my original note was about.  Those are missing
> from the Test/Fonts page.
> For the CSSTest set there is a test page:
>    contributors/mozilla/submitted/fontreftests/test-prerequisites.xht
> It doesn't test for all the fonts in the set, that's tricky to do since some
> of the fonts are intentionally constructed to reveal name matching bugs.
> I think it would be nice if instead of directories of fonts, the build process
> zipped up Ahem and variations and the CSSTest fonts into two separate zipfiles (the
> licenses are different so I think it's better to keep them separate), that
> would simplify the steps needed to install.

Well, there is a zipfile of the CSSTest font set already

There isn't one for Ahem since there's just one file. (It's
available in multiple font formats.)

For the MS variations on Ahem, I'd probably do a separate
zipfile for those. They're related to Ahem, but Ahem's required
for layout tests all over the place, whereas the rest of
the Ahem family is only there for font tests. But I'll wait
until Arron tells me the font files are all set to go before
I post them to W3C.


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