Re: Issue 138 proposed text

On Thursday 2010-06-03 15:19 -0700, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> I suggest changing the last sentence to instead read:
> "When such an inline box is affected by relative positioning, the
> relative positioning affects all the boxes that were originally
> contained within the inline box, including the block box causing the
> break."

This seems like it might be too strong.  It seems like it might
imply that floats inside the inline box are affected by the relative
positioning, even though the inline box is not in their containing
block chain.  (See the test at ,
which at least in Gecko and Chromium shows that floats are affected
by the relative positioning of their containing block but not by an
inline that is in their ancestor chain but inside their containing

However, floats inside a block inside the inline probably should be,
since their containing block is affected by the relative positioning
(which is more the point of this issue).

Would it be better to say simply that the relative positioning "also
affects the block box contained by the inline" instead of "also
affects the block box"?


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