Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

On 2010/12/14 18:29 (GMT-0800) Peter Linss composed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>>  You've not used many Linux distros over the years.

> Not for desktop, daily use systems, no. The same as 99+%* of all other
> web users.

> Do you guys want us to break the web for 99%* of the users to satisfy
> the<  1%*?

Sure, tyranny of the minority by the majority is always justified, right?

I don't understand what's so awful about introducing logical mm/cm/in/pt/pc 
etc. as lmm, lcm, lin, lpt, lpc to pacify the supposed majority without 
breaking what works for the minority, and make unequivocal that CSS is 
dominated by units that do not directly correlate to apparently identical 
units well understood in the whole rest of the world.

> * yes, I'm making that number up to make a point, don't start a debate
> over it, it won't change anything. shows Linux presence on the web is 
considerably more than inconsequential at 1.4%+. Elsewhere I've seen that 
number more than doubled.

Also, the 99%- of others are not all broken. And as I've written already 
upthread, some web pages are built using absolute units for the precise 
purpose of enabling configuration correction, or demonstrating configuration 
error. They rely on CSS units that appear to be world standard units 
continuing to mean what they used to mean in CSS, and still do in all other 
environments. Hijacking standard units to mean something different promotes 
chaos. Language in the specs explaining special contextual meaning will not 
prevent it.

Additionally, tying so-called absolute units to a certain number of pixels 
serves to promote the bogus notion that widespread use of px for sizing is 
usually appropriate and good, when the accurate statement is that use of px 
for sizing is usually bad, as an unnecessary and unfortunate restraint on 
adaptability, accessibility and usability; convenience for designers, 
inconvenience for web users.
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