Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

2010/12/15 Felix Miata <>:
> Additionally, tying so-called absolute units to a certain number of pixels
> serves to promote the bogus notion that widespread use of px for sizing is
> usually appropriate and good, when the accurate statement is that use of px
> for sizing is usually bad, as an unnecessary and unfortunate restraint on
> adaptability, accessibility and usability; convenience for designers,
> inconvenience for web users.

I know everything is already decided and this is essentially a dead
thread. But might I say again that fixing px to 96dpi creates a px
unit that is not even useful. The only reason people use px is because
a lot of designs are constrained by sizes of images. A lot of pages
have JPEG banners and the text area needs to be exactly the same width
as the JPEG banner. If we cannot rely on 1 image pixel = 1px then I
don't see how the px unit serves any purpose.


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