Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

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> I'd be interested to see what kinds of examples are out there in the wild.

Off and on over the years various web browsers have dichotomized DPI applied 
to UI and to viewport. I suppose which philosophy is better may be a matter 
of opinion, but the result is with no dichotomy and no 0.75:1 fixation of pt 
to px, one point in the UI is the same size as one point on a web page. This 
is the case I usually observe with Konqueror and released Geckos, which I 
find to be a good thing regardless of physical pixel density.

With the draft 0.75:1 fixation implemented, in environments with DTE UI using 
accurate DPI, dichotomized browsers will have one size for 10pt in the UI, 
and another for 10pt in web pages. Without DPI dichotomization, they'll both 
have the same size, and the UI for the browser will use different sizes than 
apps obeying the DTE's UI/DPI configuration.

Using openSUSE 11.4M4,

browsers locked to 96 are:
Arora (WebKit 533.3)
Epiphany (WebKit 534.7+)
Firefox 4.0b (Gecko 2.0b)
Google Chrome (WebKit 534.10)
Midori (WebKit 534.7+; has UI option to not lock to 96 that does not work)

those using desktop's DPI:
Firefox 3.x (Gecko 1.9.12)
Konqueror (KHTML 4.5.85)
SeaMonkey (Gecko

Optionally using manually configured DPI:
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