Re: [css3-speech] Drop mark properties

Fantasai wrote:
Also, the 'mark' properties seem to be redundant with using @media  
speech with :before/:after. Claudio, do you remember why it was added?

h1 {mark-before: "section"}
p {mark-before: attr(id) }


@media speech {
h1:before { content: "section"; }
p:before { content: attr(id); }

If I understand correctly, the purpose of SSML's "mark" element [1] is  

(1) provide a destination 'anchor' in the text flow, for the speech  
synthesizer / processor to address (similar to <a name="link_target"/>  
in XHTML).

(2) raise an event when a named "mark" is encountered (trigger  
asynchronous notification when reaching a pre-authored point in the  
text/audio flow).

Now, to me this functionality isn't of stylistic nature. I think this  
feature allows authors to define actual *data* (i.e. it does not  
provide a mean to encode presentational instructions for existing  
data). I am therefore in favor to remove the "mark" property from the  
CSS3-Speech Working Draft.

Regards, Daniel



Received on Saturday, 11 December 2010 05:03:30 UTC