Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

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> On Dec 10, 2010, at 6:16 , Felix Miata wrote:

>> The newly implemented fixed ratio between px and absolute units has
>> caused most of my pages on
>> and others to need
>> to be rewritten. Backward compatibility on the web is no longer. I could
>> change those pages to work in Gecko by rewriting to use mozmm as I have
>> in and
>> but AFAIK there is
>> neither standard nor proprietary equivalents for Opera, IE and/or Webkit
>> to make them work regardless of UA.

> Since the new spec. was intended to be a clarification of existing
> practice, and few (if any) browsers changed behavior, I guess I am curious
> to know what broke here, apart from the obvious

tells well enough that what was normal is no longer. Browsers used there are 
IE6, Firefox 2, SeaMonkey 1.1 & Opera 10.63. Opera refuses in most cases to 
obey the script designed to display the desktop's DPI, but as its (compared 
to the others) shrunken inch and pt fonts exhibit, it's obviously stuck on 96 
rather than obeying the desktop's 144 setting. All the others obey the 144 
DPI desktop setting and and display at the dimensions indicated when measured 
at the surface of any display device that is in fact 144 DPI. All current 
browsers except the Geckos fail in same manner as Opera. The Geckos get it 
right only because the pages actually used there have been updated 
(substantially heavier) to convert world standard traditional dimensions to 

>  (that a true 1-inch bar on
> a billboard display would be invisible at normal viewing distances).

While that's true, the intent of a page may be for indicated well established 
standard sizes to be accurate according to the meaning of the standards only 
when measured on a display surface connected to a system whose configured DPI 
matches that of the display device, and not according to some new contextual 
standard attempting to usurp traditional standards in the manner of prefixes 
for binary multiples.
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