Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

2010/12/10 Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <>:
> The whole point about this is, that the relation between px and meter
> is already defined before with the cited sequence. If something is
> (127/480)mm, it is precisely defined and there is no need anymore
> to choose something, it is fixed, because mm is always a precisely
> known and reproducible size - whether it is a useful unit for some
> devices or in some situations with limited information on how to
> present a mm for the user agent are a completely other questions.
> This should not be mixed up.

I suggest rereading the previous discussions on the matter.  This
subject has been gone over ad nauseum.  In short, no, you don't always
know what a mm is to any great precision.  That depends on the output

I will not respond further in this vein, though - I can't say anything
without repeating what has already been said in the relevant
discussions.  Please read the list archives on the subject before
attempting to revive any discussion surrounding this issue.


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