Re: Another cut on the Character-Transform Property

Thomas Phinney wrote:

> Steve's proposal seems sound. But I don't think his names are much 
> better than the original: those names tell me even less about what the 
> feature might do, and like the original name could apply to any feature. 
> Maybe "glyph-position" or perhaps "text-position"?

When working on math typesetting fonts, we discovered that the term 
'script-style' was fairly common to refer to superscript and subscript 
glyphs. My only concern with recommending it in this instance, is that 
the term 'script' is already overloaded, but it still strikes me as more 
precise than 'character-transform' or 'glyph-position', which could mean 
anything and everything.

John Hudson

Received on Sunday, 4 April 2010 03:08:55 UTC